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Celebrate Agilent J&W GC Columns 50th anniversary

See how our industry-first innovations set the standards for the GC columns we know today.

The life-changing ICP autodilutor

Automating common manual tasks can solve a lot of lab problems.

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Explore our ICP Supplies Selector Tool

Easily find the optimal sample introduction solution for your ICP-MS or ICP-OES analyses.


Why hazard a guess?

See through more with the Agilent Resolve handheld Raman system.

Managing the forever chemical - solutions for PFAS

It's not just an environmental concern but a collective responsibility across industries.

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Intelligence that drives performance

Boost your instrument performance and uptime to new heights using the latest mass spectrometry solutions.

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Now Part of Agilent


An early-stage company that developed the first commercially available ExD cell.

Avida Biomed

Developer of high-performance target enrichment workflows for cancer research

Polymer Standards Service

A provider of solutions in the field of polymer characterization.

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