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Ensure Confident Results with Sample Preparation

Sample preparation, or sample prep, is an essential part of chromatographic and spectroscopic analyses. The purpose of sample prep is to convert the sample into a form suitable for analysis without significant loss of target compounds. Proper sample preparation removes potentially interfering contamination, which extends the lifetime of your chromatography column and other instrument components.

Agilent’s suite of sample preparation products ensure you have the right product for your needs. Our purification and filtration products provide quick and reliable results for repeated analyses and are ideal for busy, high-throughput laboratories. Pre-packaged QuEChERS extraction and dispersive solid phase extraction (dSPE) kits are ideal for food samples and accommodate AOAC and EN methodologies. We also offer a full portfolio of solid supported liquid extraction (SLE), solid phase extraction (SPE), and solid phase microextraction (SPME) products in various chemistries and formats to achieve excellent performance and ensure samples are free of interferences, even with complex matrices.

Sample Preparation for Analytical Chemistry

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Featured Tools

Captiva Syringe Filter Selector Tool

The Captiva Syringe Filter selector tool helps you find the best syringe filter to suit your sample prep needs.

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Selector Tool 

The SPE Selector Tool helps find the best SPE based on your application, SPE format, sample volume and bed mass.

QuEChERS Selector Tool

QuEChERS eSelector provides extraction and dispersive kit recommendations for pesticides in fruit and vegetables.
Featured Customer Testimonials

Raúl Vigas

CEO, J·Vigas The SPME Arrow – Intuvo GC – MS/MS system incorporates maximum precision coupled with a speed that is not achieved with any other technology. According to the studies of J·Vigas, there is no other equipment on the current market for the analysis of TCA in wine stoppers that gives such reliable results in 5 minutes. View More
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Agilent Launches New Captiva EMR PFAS Food Cartridges

Captiva EMR PFAS Food cartridges were designed specifically for PFAS analysis in food. The high matrix removal efficiency of Captiva EMR PFAS Food is ideal for various and complex food matrices. The EMR passthrough cleanup provides comprehensive chemical filtration. Agilent’s unique sorbent chemistry and formulation has been optimized and verified for PFAS analysis.

Agilent's Bond Elut PFAS WAX Named 2023 Top Product by Environment+Energy Leader

Agilent won a 2023 Environment+Energy Leader Award for Bond Elut PFAS WAX SPE Cartridges that improve efficiency in testing for PFAS substances, the so-called ‘forever chemicals.’ Bond Elut PFAS WAX enables scientists to confidently isolate PFAS from drinking water, wastewater, soil, sludge, tissues, and food. “The presence of PFAS chemicals in our daily lives is a grave concern,” the judges wrote, “making any technology that aids in their removal from the environment truly lifesaving.”

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Analysis For Environmental Samples

Agilent offers complete end-to-end workflows for extraction, quantification even at Ultra-trace levels, and reporting of PFAS in the environment. This includes a range of sample preparation products, HPLC columns, chemical standards, PFC-free sample containment and other HPLC supplies, Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) coupled to triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, e-methods, as well as gas chromatography products for sampling and analyzing a challenging range of trace-level volatile and semivolatile vapors of PFAS in air.
Featured Training & Events

The PFAS Lab of the Future

This webinar looks at the future of a PFAS lab - optimized workflows, maximum efficiency, artificial intelligence, and increased throughput.

Analysis of PFAS: Strategies to optimize performance

This expert discussion forum addresses some of the key issues surrounding the targeted analysis of PFAS in environmental matrices.
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